Check out The Say So

These guys are someone you should really check out. They’ve got a really cool Alternative Rock style feel and would be perfect listening for you if you listen to Mute Math or the Mars Volta already. Even if you’re on the pop side of things, there’s something for everybody.

They have a new single out called “Safe to Say” that’s been played on Local’s Only radio and have recently played a gigantic show at the Gothic with the Epilogues and Take to the Oars. The Say So is going to be a force to be reckoned with soon in the Denver scene. Check their single out on soundcloud below:


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I’ve Found Mr. Right

If you want to see an amazing Rock n Roll band look no further than Mr. Right. They have such a powerful sound for only being a trio. They can rip your face off with their own originals or play you some sweet Beastie Boy covers and more. Led by killer front man Drew Torres and brothers Adam and Jarrod Barraza on Guitar and Drums, they are making great strides in the Denver music scene. They just got back from playing SXSW and a tour to go around it. Check them out on Saturday April 14th at the Gothic Theatre playing with Rusted Root.

Here’s a link to some music to check out:

I’m diggin the Green River Vibe

UC Denver plays host to a lot of talented musicians. A collection of them have formed the reggae rock band Green River Vibe. These guys are laid back and easy going but they know how to get down. When you get to meet them, they are some of the coolest most personable guys around. They just released a new album called Sun Comes Up a few months ago to some cool reviews. Check this one out by Scene magazine. The 5 man group is playing at Casselman’s this Friday the 24th if you want to check them out. Hopefully you’ll dig the vibe as much as I do. Here’s a link to some free songs and their website:

One of my new favorite PLACES


So for a college assignment we were supposed to look at Denver artists and check out their profile pages. I stumbled upon the band PLACES and was blown away. I think I had heard the name before but never got a chance to hear the music. They are partly from Montana and partly from the Denver area, but they’ve released a new album called “No More Wasted Days” and it’s incredible. They have managed to blend pop, rock, and soul together to make a great sound not commonly heard in pop/rock bands that play radio rock. They’ve recently sold out big venues in Denver and are gearing up to play Cervantes Ballroom on March 8. Please meet one of my new favorite Denver bands: PLACES!

Here’s some links to their music:

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Check out Olivia Rudeen

So I’ve taken a couple songwriting classes at UC Denver with some really talented songwriters and performers but no one has impressed me more than Olivia Rudeen with her amazing songwriting. She can take any chord progression and turn it into the catchiest song ever. Her folkish songs really tell you a story and let you know what she’s feeling.


I had the privilege of seeing her live streamed performance last night at the Monument Sound Studios and it was great. She is not only a stellar guitar player but she’s got the voice to back it up. She can play rock music, folk or pretty much anything including writing hit songs for country artists.

So you should really check out her music at and like her because she will really inspire you.




Our first post

So there was a lot of pressure for me to pick someone as the first post, but I realized that it wasn’t hard at all. Today I want to introduce you to my good friend Joe Mondragon.

He is a brilliant songwriter and performer. His music is that of maybe the Foo Fighters meeting Mumford and Sons. He released his first album less than a year ago and is tearing it up on the Denver scene all the time. Not only is he playing out a lot but he literally is playing Jesus in UC Denver’s production of Godspell. No pressure right?

All this to say that you should check him out at the Larimer Lounge on Thursday February 2nd if you’re not doing anything. He’s playing with the likes of Rogue Valley and Grub Street Writer.

Here’s a link to his Facebook page. Like Him!

Welcome to Denver Music’s blog

Hey everyone.  My name is Stu Basham and I decided to create a blog talking about the Denver music scene. I want to invite any of you that want to promote your band or just talk about cool bands you’re listening to in the scene to write your own posts here. If you’d like to write a post please send me an email at and I’d be happy to let you on.

I want to create a community where we can share music and grow as people together and not just me blabbing on aimlessly. I want to share music I’m listening to and I want to hear what you’re listening to.

Welcome to Hear Today Gone Tomorrow!